Dancer/Choreographer: Natalia Brownlie
Visuals: Rodrigo Carvalho
Sound: Miguel Neto
Credits: edIT.
Film: Paulo Pinto

The performance uses live interactive systems manifested in projection that acts as a backdrop to the dancers movement in the space, thus creating a relationship between the digital and the physical world.
fIdelity is an autobiographical work, dealing primarily with the issue of ‘identity crisis’. It presents the struggle to find a ‘sense of self’; the longing to hold onto roots whilst being pulled in other directions in a period of uncertainty. The choreography itself is devised mainly from improvisation, but also from an intense analysis of habitual movement, gestures we associate with our personal context. Our obvious, but also our subtle movement patterns change and develop, syncronise or repel when in different stages of contentment and/or setting; it is these changes that have been drawn upon in this work.
Live sound manipulation is a vital element to the work, layering fIdelity with an uncertainty in form that can change each time it is presented.

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