„Ostinato for 8 iPods" - Classical Music with smartphones
- DigiEnsemble: flutes and violins made of smartphones!

The DigiEnsemble Berlin is in uncharted waters. It plays classical music with smartphones. Now, they come out with comprehensive material showing how to make joint music with smartphones and tablet-PCs.

With its own composition „Ostinato for 8 iPods" the DigiEnsemble Berlin releases an own piece of music especially composed for mobile gadget. Oriented to classical music it meets the opportunities of a smartphone that turn it into an instrument.

„Ostinato for 8 iPods" is appropriate to eight players with iPods, iPhones or iPads. With a little practice it sounds like a polyphonic instrumental piece. Commented by words of its composer the sheet music for "Ostinato for 8 iPods" is published for free usage (bit.ly/DiEn_Oscores). The piece especially addresses those who have never learned an instrument or only rarely use it. The way it is designed opens the possibilities of making digi-music to everyone - even to beginners.

The DigiEnsemble is an experimental study group founded and led by Matthias Krebs that follows a systematic approach to playing on mobile devices (iphone, ipad & co). Regular meetings are held for group practice as well as discussion and refinement of the approach.

If you would like to join us for the ensemble or would like to have more first hand information, please contact us at [info(at)digiensemble.de]

* digiensemble.de (german)
* youtube.com/digiensemble
* facebook.com/digiensemble
* twitter.com/digiensemble
* flickr.com/photos/digiensemble/
* soundcloud.com/digiensemble

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