video shot and edited by: George Forste

2007/09 idgf underground

In the summer of 2003, singer-songwriter Jason Ludwig decided to elevate his award-winning solo effort into something now bigger, louder, and more expansive than before. Helping to drive the growling engine he calls noctaluca are rhythmic onslaughters the Schlunt brothers and award-winning guitarist Aaron Almashy, three adept players who possess the creative grease to power smoothly through Ludwig's gear-shifting style of writing.

Classic Rock Magazine calls noctaluca "the cream of some of the new talent emerging today in terms of songsmithery...There are echoes of Floyd, Radiohead...GN'R." Through innovative lyrics, deep rhythmic pockets and progressive exploration noctaluca add their own unique twists, delivering an uncontrived hit-list of all the greatest capstones from the classic rock genre. Recently noctaluca turned the heads of Alan and Heather Niven of Tru-B-Dor Records who gave their accolades by saying that noctaluca is "intelligent, inspired, and in our humble opinion the best band we have heard in a very long time. noctaluca is definitely a creative light in the contemporary industry darkness." Alan Niven was manager of Guns N' Roses for the first six years of the band's successful world-wide career.

Following the cult-like success of their 2006 debut Towering the Sum, noctaluca's latest release Still the Wicked Rest unabashedly embarks into the deeper and darker reaches of America's post-traumatic psyche, holding no punches along the way. From controversial cover art to politically spearheaded lyricism to an overall sound redolent of Vietnam-era rock, Wicked blows the dust from one of rock 'n roll's greatest forgotten inventions, the protest song, and hot-wires it for its own retributive aims. But is the album simply a last-ditch effort to throw stones at retreating tanks, to chide an unaffected leadership already on its way out the door? Or is it more ominously a musical siren sounding off what is just the end of the beginning of our journey towards Huxley's brave new world? You can only listen and, while you still can, decide for yourself.
source: Myspace

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