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Robot Heart Stories is the first in a trilogy of experiential learning projects from award winning storytelling visionary and experience designer Lance Weiler and creative producer Janine Saunders. Each project will inspire young and old alike to co-create and share. The goal is to reboot how we think about learning in an effort to unleash a collaborative journey into the future of education. The trilogy focuses on air, land and sea in three unique participatory storytelling initiatives designed to develop creativity, digital literacy and collaborative problem solving skills.

In part one of the trilogy a robot has crash landed in Montreal and now must make her way to LA in order to find her space craft and return home. Two class rooms in underprivileged neighborhoods, one in Montreal (French speaking) and the other in LA (English speaking) engage in an experiential learning project that utilizes math, science, history, geography and creative writing to place education directly in the hands of students. By using collaborative problem solving and creative writing the students help the Robot make her way across North America. The project concludes with an actual space launch! That’s right the robot along with copies of the students stories and artwork will board a commercial rocket that is headed to the space station later this fall.

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