It’s finally here! -"Making New Worlds" the first piece in a series of themes and personal projects created by Fake Studio and their collaborators.

Behind the "WE Series" Fake Studio, by itself or as a collaborative process, will express in a personal, free and limitless way, what’s really down deep in the studio's members imagination!
Carlos himself give us a a few hints about the process for this piece:

"In a quite subjective way, I wanted to capture the creative process, which we usually face when we have to envision a project and reach and execute a final idea.

After all, and given my fondness/ loving for cooking, this piece emerges as the result of mixing choosed or imposed ingredients where you have to make them dance together, in order to get the tastiest dish ever made"


· Crafted & Directed by Carlos Cortés (Fake Studio)
. Music: Herbert Boland


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