Thoughs about safety and freedom.

"You were in prison. Maybe you are still in prison. A prison is very safe, but takes away your freedom. If you are searching for safety, then you are searching for a prison. Freedom is scary. People talk about freedom, but are very afraid and prefer prisons.

The mind confuses you, because calls 'insecurity' to freedom. It is not the same thing. Safety is an illusion that you can't ever achieve in this life. You can die in every single moment. But you can achieve freedom. Here, right now. Awake."

This short firstly was called "Illusion of Safety"

Created by Sanakī
Music by Kämmerer
Theme "Mandelbrot's Dilemma" at
Inspired by Osho

Filmed with Canon EOS 550D 50 mm 1.8 fader ND
Edited in FCPX


Vimeo Festival + Awards - 2012 New York City - Participant

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