This is a 'making-of' time lapse video that we put together to detail what shooting one scene of our latest video is like. The sequence in question took about a day to shoot and, as you can see in the video, it was shot in reverse so that the end result looks really smooth in the animation.

The time lapse was created with two Macbook Pros running Dragon Stop Motion software. One was connected to a Nikon D80, the other to a Canon G10. They both shot at a frame every 5 seconds, with a 8 fps playback for the most part (edited in FCP). We used a longer exposure time on both cameras in order to get a nice transition effect between each image.

NOTE: Be sure to watch it to the end because something sorta neat happens with the time lapse!

The very end of the video briefly details the sound effects that were used for this scene.

The music is 'I am not Lonely with Cricket' by Papa M, from the album 'Live from a Shark's Cage'.

Also, thanks to Jason for the voice-over narration and everyone at Palo Alto.

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