This was an experiment in perception, I asked 3 friends if they could perceive what these two people were thinking in the video footage I showed them, I then helped direct them to form a video response.
Rebecca Clunn-Cunningham thought it was too hard to catch thoughts in a moving object because we didn't have time to pause and reflect, instead she could relate to the nervousness of the context (it was a wedding) and told the story of her wedding.

Francesca Hoy is also pregnant and thought of trying to catch an elusive kick in the belly on camera. She also is tired all the time.

Marisa Allen has planetary tuning forks and a crushed vertebrae. I recorded her playing the tuning forks while I focused on the close up of her crushed vertebrae that I drew a heart around with lipstick.

My response was quite I had been reading the quran, so I inserted two texts - one about marriage/divorce and a mother's back and one about the flesh of the left thigh being the first to know on judgement day. I have the word 'sin' tattooed on my left thigh, but I wrote over this with the fidelity vow in Indonesian.

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