Here's a little photo collage of inspiration/storyboard images I shot for my script The Stylist, which received a silver award in the Oregon Film Awards screenplay competition. Portland band Fever brings their vampire surf rock vibe to the photography stills. Minneapolis band Cloud Cult has signed on to create an original score for the final film, along with Fever and Mark Orton.

All photography by Kimberly Warner.
Mia Allen as the lovely Lenore.

Director's Statement:
The Stylist is inspired from director Kimberly Warner's metaphorical, psychological and artistic explorations into the subjects of mortality and grief. At first thought, death may inspire dark associations. Closer investigation reveals a spectrum of colors and considerations, all the layers of sorrow and humor and ordinariness that might be expected from something so inherently dependent on life. Rather than simply making peace with our impermanence or attempting, at the other end of the spectrum, to transcend it, Kimberly's vision is to inspire and reflect on the new beginnings that rise from the rawness and realness of endings. One of her favorite expressions is 'Nex Fecundo Vita' or 'Death Fertilizes Life,' and it is from this foundation that she tells stories of how the initiation of death (whether real or metaphorical) can become powerful fuel behind our creative expressions.

The Stylist is a generational sequel to her short film CPR, where her characters (the mother in CPR and the daughter in The Stylist) find unusual and ultimately transformative ways to resuscitate themselves from their own frozen malaise and grief and are loosely inspired from Kimberly's own personal journey of losing her father as a teenager, the crooked and convoluted path of grieving, and ultimately the awakening that is born from loss.

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