A short experimental piece featuring a blend of Macro Photography and CG Animation.

This project started with an idea by our friend David Parvin at Two Rivers Partnership to shoot abstract forms using macro photography. We loved the concept and together we came up with some great ideas. We shot the project with David Parvin as Director of Photography. Jonathan Lax worked as camera operator and focus puller. We ended up with a plethora of unique and intriguing footage.

The footage was shot with a Canon 5DMKII and a 100mm Macro lens. All original footage with kind permission of Two Rivers Partnership.

Back at Gecko we experimented with interspersing CG elements with the footage, to construct a narrative from the forms we saw.

All CG shots and elements by Gecko Animation Ltd. Breakdowns of a few shots can be found here: vimeo.com/37099185

Director of Photography - David Parvin, Two Rivers Partnership
Live Action Shoot - David Parvin, Jonathan Lax, Tobin Brett
CG Animation and Effects - Ben Simonds, Jonathan Lax
Editing - Jonathan Lax
Music and Sound FX - Alistair Lax

Winner - Best Designed Short - Suzanne Animation Awards, Amsterdam 2011

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