The Mosel Valley in Germany makes some lovely, interesting wine, but for 15mins in August parts of the can I put this...had the crap beaten out of it.

The ass whooping came from tennis ball size hail and as the two of you who watched the Raul Bobet interview will know, hail can damage not only 80% of this years harvest but 50% of next year's too.

The Mosel is quite an intricate place so weirdly neighboring vineyards we affected differently. But we are appealing for you to help the region out in general following this weather: so, if you're thinking of a white wine this weekend, pick one up from a producer in the Mosel Valley.

I got hold of a bottle of Weisser Burgunder from the Family Rauen - a name to watch as they've been voted in the top 100 producers of Rieslings. Its a dry mellow wine, not at all oak-ey, and a real crowd pleaser.

Do your bit please. Word has it that vineyards in Losenich and Kinheim were the worst hit, so if you see a wine from there, please buy and help them get ahead for next year.

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