The beauty of this commercial is that it was banned in the UK because they believed that showing kids playing and making out in a junkyard was promoting an unsafe activity.

I production designed this commercial, which was directed by Terry Richardson, the notorious photographer, whose book, TERRYWORLD, is published by Taschen.

Working with Terry was a blast. We did a few commercials for this campaign (I'm still looking for the fourth commercial featuring a girl on a swing and some BMX boys- there may have been some making out as well, I don't recall). I really like working with directors that trust my judgement because our tastes are similar.

If you want to see more of Terry's film work, check out his channel here on Vimeo. Terry's website is

Wanadoo, by the way, is an ISP in France that is now known as Orange. They have some pretty fun commercials by other famous directors.

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