Free from the constraints of rational thought, the collection is constructed in ways that allude to the Exquisite Corpse technique - whereby words and images are collectively assembled and relish an absence of control.
The range moniker pays homage to The Third Mind, a 1978 book and concept by William Burroughs and Brian Gysin, which showcased the ‘cut ups’ technique originating from the Surrealists - a form later adapted to film making by Kenneth Anger and Maya Deren. In this mode, unrelated texts and images where literally cut up and rearranged to form radical narratives and vistas. The concept signifies a shared consciousness and creative output, only reachable by two or more people; a place neither could reach alone.
It’s the lore and mood of such avant-garde pastures, entwined with the feminine power and eroticism of Surrealist muses that inform this new collection of cult artefacts. The conceptual latticework of Andre Breton’s Surrealist Manifestos takes concrete form in the ‘Manifesto’ ring and cuff; the smoky vernacular, bohemian lifestyle and courage of erotic diarist Anais Nin are embedded in the pierced ‘Anais’ cuff, ring and pendant; ‘The Pleasure Dome’ ear cuff sites Kenneth Anger’s psyched out film ‘Inaugration of the Pleasure Dome’ (featuring Anais Nin); while ‘The Third Mind’ kaleidoscope neckpiece is functional and symbolic to the spliced juxtapositions of the Surrealist outlook.
In MANIAMANIA tradition, primary metals and natural stones are transfigured. ‘The Third Mind’ meshes Brass and Sterling Silver with Pyrite crystal stone, Amethyst and Tourmalinated Quartz in a series of exquisite forms and symbols to free ones self from time and convention. This fourth range from MANIAMANIA expands with extensions on signature best sellers from the Immortals series, including a Limited Edition exclusive ‘Abbey Lee Ring’, inspired by modern muse Abbey Lee Kershaw.
Collaborating with filmmaker, Elle Muliarchyk and featuring Abbey Lee for a second season, a three part series of short films and campaign images were created using artful techniques of the avant-garde. This included a set built of a life size kaleidoscope which created hypnotic repeat mirror imagery which looks as technical and modern as the digitally mastered alternative, but has tell tale realism of warped angles and beautiful accidents; elements also achieved within MANIAMANIA’s ‘Third Mind’ collection.

DIRECTOR Elle Muliarchyk
MODEL Abbey Lee Kershaw
EDITOR Gary Winter
CREATIVE DIRECTION Tamila Purvis and Melanie Kamsler
MUSIC The Black Ryder

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