Starting from a secret city centre location, 2.8 Hours Later is a thrill-packed roller coaster ride of zombie movie action.

You will find yourself in a city that has been devastated by a zombie invasion. Your aim: to find the small pockets of survivors hiding out in some amazing locations. While all the time running from the hoards of bloodthirsty zombies roaming the streets between you and your goal. Each location will get you one step closer to resistance HQ; the last safe place in the city. Can you and your friends make it through this nightmarish world and find the Zombie disco?

The game starts at sundown and is 2.8 hours of pure adrenaline. The experience is physically and psychologically challenging and though your adrenaline will keep you going, you’d better be prepared for a night of endurance. This is after all the end of the world.
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2.8 Hours Later is produced by SlingShot.

See the game website for more details:

Directed by
Kathryn Jeffs

Jimmy Taggart


Dan Buzzo
Bruce D
Ted Giffords
Tyrone Morgan
David Rodger

Sound Design Torchy design

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