This video covers the dissection of the Playstation 3 Eye Camera and the removal of its infrared filter (IR).

This is a very popular camera in the world of home-built MultiTouch screens using optical-based technologies, namely the method known as Laser Light Plane (LLP).
Thanks to the clever hacking of the camera by Alex P, this camera can now work on any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux). His blog can be found here:
He has gotten it to achieve framerates and resolutions that max out at 125fps in 320x240 resolution and 75fps in 640x480 resolution.
In the second part, a piece of floppy disk is used as a poor-mans bandpass filter (3 layers of exposed negative film also works), but better bandpass filters can be found at other places on the web; a favorite is at the omegabob2 ebay store.

My MultiTouch table seen briefly at the end of the second part, is using a technique known as LED-LP (using LEDs to create an IR plane instead of lasers).
More info can be found at my blog:
and in the forums of

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