Shark Night Demo Reel Break Down:
I worked as part of the Naiad team in running and rendering Naiad simulations. This included working with Naiad Studios UI, management of sim data, importing sim data into Maya and importing Maya animation into Naiad Studio. I did the pipeline setup for each shot which included exporting Maya animation and cameras, creating additional shot elements, and setting shading and particle parameters to be used in the shot.

WR100: I used this shot to build the pipeline and establish a LookDev match between batch rendering and rendering directly from XSI. Towards the end of the show, the shot was extended and I had to adjust the camera animation to create the illusion of being engulfed and sunk by the giant wave.

WR050: The focus of this shot was foam, splash and bubble particles. I tweaked the particle settings to create realistic wakes and whitecaps, and lowered the particles to create a bubbly effect.

GS110: This short required a wake through choppy water. Naiad Sims usually start as still pools so this was a challenge. I brought Naiad sim data into Maya and used a ocean deformer plug-in to match the real water.

SS100: This shot required no Naiad sims. The water surface was also created by an ocean deformer. Because the surface stretched to the horizon and included a long camera movement, I built a custom rig to change the surfaces size and shape to maximize wave detail.

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