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Song title : Addiction
Alternative title : Love will save the day 2011 Remix
Music (remix): SaBo-FX
Video (edit) : SaBo-FX
Original Vocal by : Jasmin Tusjadia (2007)
Remix by Real El Canario: youtu.be/mlADEaMrywA
Original soundtrack by : Whitney Housten (2005)
More info original : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_Will_Save_the_Day

Hayden Hayes, Shera Bechard, Nephael, Jessica Hall, Amelia Talon

Listen to the music on either a headphone or some big ass speakers (to fully enjoy the baseline).
Watch the video in 1080p for the ultimate audiovisual experience!

Music Background info:
I came across a clean vocal (acapella) of this song and I just had to see what I could do with it.

Song Title:
Addiction.... Judging from this video I guess you know what I'm addicted to. And so are you, since you're watching this video too. Although it's probably the healthiest addiction man (and women) can have. I'm just happy to provide you with another doses of our favorite drug 8-)

Video Background info:
Well, what can I say? I hope you'll agree with me that I'm getting a bit better at editing my videos. From here on, I going with smooth transitions and tempo based effects (where applicable).

Credits / disclaimer:
First of all, let me credit Playboy for providing the high quality footage in this video! I'm pretty sure that the video plays a large role in introducing my music to a worldwide audience. For several reasons, I had to cut out most the 'cracks and nipples' from the original footage. The original footage from Playboy was a lot kinkyer. But I simply don't need a lawsuit from Playboy. So don't let me stop you from downloading the uncensored video from the playboy website. This requires a paid subscription. (just so you know). The dancing girl featured in my video is Nephael from France. Big thanks to all who have contributed to this video!

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Audio/Video software used: (no hardware synth)
* Cakewalk Sonar 8.5.3
* Adobe Audition CS5.5
* VST Re-FX Nexus 2
* VST Stylus RMX
* VirtualDub 1.10.0
* Adobe After effects CS5.5
* Trapcode plugins (for After FX)
* ffmpeg

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