When we decided to make this fan-made music video, we knew it would be our most ambitious production to date. Unlike our other projects, this could not be done with a "run and gun" mentality. We needed a crew and just as important, we needed a budget. Through IndieGoGo, we raised enough money to make this project happen. Now, 2 months since the day we started our campaign and after weeks of preproduction, 2 very long days of production and countless hours of post-production, we have for you our finished product!

As a side note: We actually serendipitously ran into Madeline and Brian of CULTS this past weekend. We handed them a rough edit of our video and here's what happened later that night at their show:

They said no one has ever done anything that nice for them before and that it was a really good video. We thanked them and they thanked us. It was a good day :)

You can purchase their album at


Special thanks to the funders of this project. Without your support, this project would've never happened. Thank you all so much!

David Caruso
Van Quattro
Valerie Baehr
Cory Allison
Jenny Malik
Richard Gardner
Jacquelyn Cole
Megan Angle
Charles Curtis
Christy Salinas
Michael Winton
Ploipailin Flynn
Lauren Zbylski
Megan Estep
Sonya Garza
April Wallace
Dan Curtis
Jon Butler
Kara McDonald
Andre Turner
James McGrath
Bryan, Sana and Jorie Gill
Jessica Chaves
Alison Martin
Lisa King
Terri Wilhite
Bryan, Lauren and Carson Castanos
Lan Luu and Tear Chimm
Patricia Gonzales
Jacqueline Culler
Tyler Faison
Deborah Flynn
Liana Matin
Carcie Posey
Kerry McCormick
Eric Mills
Christina Jennings
Echo Coolidge
James Blumetti
Ruthie Arroyo
Brandon Butters
Tyler Piersall
Chau Nguyen
Jordan Rogers
Austin Sevener
Jeanne Dooley
Zachary Bush
George Leonard
Brett Strawn
Christina Hickman
Richard Margolin
Brandon Lopes-Baca
Nghiem Nguyen
Stephanie Lewis
Brittany Daugherty
Ideation Films
Xavi Dalmau Sr.
Jordan Williams
Brandon and Ericka Perry
Scott Bennett
Albert Raggio
Matt Gray
Kathy Stanton


We had over 40+ extras help us on this video! Thank you all so much for volunteering your time and talents to our project! We hope you all had a great time and a fun experience! We truly appreciate everything you've done for us. This was an experience we will never forget, thank you for that!


Ron of "Radford Cakery" for making us a beautiful prop cake! That's right, the cake was a lie!

Peter of "Double D Ranch" for providing us the best location we could ever want. One of the most helpful people we've ever met!

Brad and Doug of "MPS" for showing us some amazing equipment, which literally saved the production!

(In order of appearance)

Jaxon Bellar- as Young Georgie
Emily Weems- as Young Evey
Chad Halbrook- as Older Georgie
Lauren Zbylski- as Older Evey
Collin Hauser- as man


Luu Brothers- Directors/Producers/Motionographers/Editors
Chase Rees- Director of Photography
Zach Bush- Line Producer
Justin Malone- Assistant Director
Tyler Faison- Sound Mixer
Dani Walker- Make-Up Artist
Lindsey Halbrook- Hair Stylist
Christine Tran- Wardrobe
Lauren Anderson- Choreographer
Jon Kit- Grip
Junior Hernandez- Grip
Roni Jane Rucker- Grip
Royce Wisenbaker III- Grip
Cesar Hinojosa- Grip

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