This video was created on a modest budget for recording artist Resident Peasant.

I devised the concept, built some camera gadgetry, scouted the locations, filmed everything myself (live footage was shot with a steadycam and Canon 5D in one run-and-gun guerilla session), as well as executed all of the editing and effects.

The artwork is a live ink drawing performance by Chepe Voz (not animation) created using a custom designed, inverted light table and filmed with a RED ONE at The Precinct.

The Cyclist riding backwards is local fixie trick rider, Fish'n'Chips.

The pedestrians walking through the shot in the crosswalk are indeed random passersby. If I knew who they were I'd thank them for not looking into the camera :)

Special thanks goes to The Foundry for allowing a 15 day trial of their Camera Tracker plugin which was used in the assimilation of the artwork with the live footage.

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