This meetup for September 21, 2011 was focused on scientific animation. Scientific animation is an animation that is focused on scientifically accurate data.

Vuk Nikolic gave us an in-depth overview of developing scientific animations using 2-D and 3-D software.

Vuk Nikolic earned a Master of Science degree in Biology; evolving from a refined sense of the aesthetic, where he discovered his passion for creating photo-realistic 3-D images and animations. The evolution of both passions is synthesized in medical and scientific 3-D visualizations and production. He has completed 3-D and 2-D animation works for many clients such as National Geographic and History Channel.

Vuk Nikolic's web site:


Troy Benesch of V! Studios presented and provided some details on how he constructed the Magnetic Field Lines and the Magnetosphere surrounding Earth that was created for a series of animation for NASA. Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects were used.

Troy has been an animator in the DC area since 1993. Though he graduated with a business degree from UVA, he was always an artist since he was six years old. He is a principal at V! Studios and is currently serving the role as an Art Director/Lead Animator at NASA HQ working closely with the Science Mission Directorate. He has worked on numerous animations for clients such as MSNBC, FBI, Clark Construction, and many others.

Troy Benesch's web site:

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