A video mix for my friends Chase Dobson and Ginger Perry's remix of Kenny Loggins' "Highway To The Danger Zone" . KA-BOOM!!

Samples used in this edit:

Animation sample from Adam White-

Phonat "Love Hits The Fan" music video-

Air "Surfing On A Rocket" music video

Miriwais "Disco Science" music video

Pearl Jam "Do The Evolution" music video-

Tristar Logo Intro

Midnight Special (TV Series)

Movies: Apocalypse Now/ /Eyes Wide Shut/ /Flash Gordon/ /Jerry MaGuire/ /Wizards/ /The Fifth Element/ /Naqoyqatsi/ /Total Recall/ /Trinity And Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie/ /War Games/ /War Of The Worlds/ /Independence Day/ /Top Gun

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