“Erotic Interdependency?
An Observation of Criminal Actions in Architecture”

“I do not want to talk to you about architecture, I detest talk about architecture” (Le Corbusier, 1953).
Architecture is the manifestation of decision-making. The talk focuses on the act of conscious and unconscious decision-making during the architectural design process - independent of a plastic or virtual outcome. The ID of architecture as constructed accumulation of planes, objects and material surfaces is shifting towards a constructed allo-poietic self-organising system. Incorporating a manifold of re-active disciplines with their individual parameters architecture is melting together digital and social systems (Luhmann, Pask). Historically the architectural Gestalt is a combination of distinguishing geometry, form, typology, place and function. Contemporarily during the design process of scripting and parametrics the architectural Gestalt is structurally immanent in the design process. Hence each decision made has an effect on the whole system, geometrically, structurally and phenomenological. During the talk questions relating to the basis and methods that “digital architects” use to make decisions are to be discussed. Recent research related to cognitive sciences and neuro-aesthetics combined with theories of cybernetics + architecture, human- and machine-learning will allow a brief insight into the explanation of decision-making and a possible understanding of our future built environment.

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