Skateboarding is more international then ever thanks to the world wide web. But about 10+ years ago, we only had the skate mags, the videos you could get your hands on, and your friends talking about this skater they saw while traveling. Finding out about skaters in other parts of the world was pretty hard, expect if they had a part in 411 or some Puzzle Video.

The first time I heard about Lennie Burmeister was on an Osiris Euro Tour in 2002. When we got the skate mags in Germany to check out some spots, he had an interview in Monster with some serious bangers at the time. The one foto that stuck out was a switch bs noseblunt on this spot near my house now. The distributor said we might run into him while in the city since he was a Berlin local & we crossed paths one day at the Kulturforum. Lennie crushed it from the moment he got there until he left. I still have the first trick I filmed with him and it was a hell of a first impression.

When I moved to Berlin in 2006, I knew I wanted to work on a video part with Lennie; if I could find him. Thanks to Soy Panday & Viven Feil introducing me to Jan Kliewer, I finally had the chance to meet Herr Burmeister. 5 years, a few video parts, and plenty of good times later; I have now the pleasure of introducing Lennie to you.

So without further adieu, allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite skaters & one of my best friends... the Mayor of Berlin, Lennie Burmester

guest skater:
Jan Kliewer

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