This is a project I recently did for a small Los Angeles chocolate making company called ChocoVivo. It's a Kickstarter campaign to help them raise capital to redesign their packaging process. I produced, wrote, edited and shot the material. The music is by Jason Shaw @ All motion, graphics and audio mix are by me.

The piece was shot DV on a Canon GL-2 and edited in Adobe CS4 (Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop). Artistically the challenge was "uprezzing" the footage to appear equivalent to contemporary standards. Fortunately, since this is a Kickstarter piece I knew I could get away with a 720p final project. It turns out the footage held up to the resizing pretty well but I wrestled quite a bit with color correction as the GL-2 footage shifted color temperature several times depending on the lighting conditions. This was odd as I figured all of the kitchen shots would retain something of the same color bias due to the florescent lighting but there you go.

Artistically, I'm proud of the pace and flow of this edit. The client wanted to convey a lot of information and getting everything in while keeping the show under 3:00 was a good accomplishment. Juggling the narrative with the visuals, deciding when to stick to the narrative and when to break from it, was particularly enjoyable. I'm especially proud of the fact that I had to completely rewrite the script AFTER we had shot the footage but you would never know it watching the final program.

Patricia is a great client and her chocolate is amazing. You should check out and order some!

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