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Anxiety, Worry, Pessimism, Fear, and Fretting
Biblical Counseling
Part 9
July 28, 2011


Few things can do more harm to both the body and the spirit than intense, prolonged anxiety.

Not all distress is sinful. Jesus was extremely upset at times, and yet was without sin. Evil should bother us. Anxiety becomes problematic when it becomes obsessive and eclipses our joy, or when it turns to worry, sinful fear, or fretting. One sign that this is happening is when the stress begins to cause health problems, such as ulcers or chronic headaches from tense back and neck muscles.

God designed us to become tense at times and to be relaxed at other times. When a person is unable to relax, it is evidence that the anxieties of life have eclipsed joy in God.

Receiving a bill you cannot pay, a child bringing home a bad report card, and impossible deadline at work, laundry piling up—those things should cause a degree of tension so that you will be motivated to address the problem. If the purpose of the tension is to drive you to action, however, then once you have taken whatever action you can take, there is no value in remaining tense.

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