There are lots of videos out there about the concerts at Sziget. We chose instead to make this 'visual documentary' to synthesize the ENTIRE Sziget Universe that every year exists for a week on Obudai Island.

From the concerts to the camp life, from the Stars performing to the 'normal' people screaming with joy, the food, the street artists, and everything in between. We try to show every aspect of what makes Sziget so special to us.

We hope that if you attended the festival this year you'll feel yourself transported back to that island - even just for ten minutes.

If you weren't there with us and are getting ready to watch, then we know that this video will give you a good reason for coming next year!

PLEASE. Don't be passive - get back into 'Sziget-mode' and let us know what you think! "Like" and share this video with all your friends!

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We were not hired to make this, nor were we paid - we just love Sziget and decided last minute to make this! A whole new world of possibilities has opened, however, and we're hoping that if people like what we've made 'on our own time' they might help us to go next year and do something even better!

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