Bradley Eros & Tim Geraghty “TransTrans (TRANSFORMERS Transformed)”
12 minutes

“Our cinema must detach itself from reality and become deforming,
synthetic and dynamic!”
~ F.T. Marinetti

A radical remix of the recent Transformers film, via synthetic
collapse and critical revenge on its old & new fascist tropes >
celebrating SPEED. NOISE. + DANGER. The fervent declarations & violent
poetry of the Futurists are superimposed on the mythic morphology of
the Autobot blockbuster’s machine mayhem. Images of death &
destruction reign in a delirium of transformations as, to quote
Marinetti: “We Decompose the Universe!”

Bradley Eros:
An artist working in myriad media: experimental film & video, collage,
photography, performance, sound, text, contracted and expanded cinema
& installation. Also a maverick curator, designer, researcher &
investigator. Concepts include: ephemeral cinema, mediamystics,
subterranean science, erotic psyche, cinema povera, poetic accidents
and musique plastique.

Tim Geraghty:
Raised by wolves, Tim Geraghty is now making a positive contribution
to a civilized society. A filmmaker dabbling in painting, writing,
photography and dinner conversation, Geraghty struggles to understand
the wildness that drives him while politely wearing sheep's clothing.

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