a virtual exploration of war, religion and politics

a production of PHACE in collaboration with Klangspuren Schwaz and the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien

This is only a short impression of Wolfram Schurig's music in the phantastic Vienna Art History Museum.

Photos by Markus Sepperer.

Battaglia for solo trombone and ensemble
tintoretto: erste übung for violin solo
Augenmaß for large ensemble
tintoretto: zweite übung for trombone and percussion
Gravur for string trio

Wolfram Schurig, composer
Simeon Pironkoff, conductor
Andrew Digby, trombone
Ivana Pristasova, violin
Markus Kupferblum, text and director
Patrick Seletzky und Robert Finster, actors
Ingrid Leibezeder, costumes

PHACE | contemporary music
Doris Nicoletti, Birgit Böhm, flutes
Walter Seebacher, Elisabeth Juan, clarinets
Lars Mlekusch, saxophone
Markus Sepperer, oboe
Christof Dienz, bassoon
Peter Putzer, cornu
Peter Travnik, Aneel Soomary, trumpets
Andrew Digby, trombone
Berndt Thurner, Igor Gross, percussion
Gabriela Mossyrsch, harp
Ivana Pristasova, Thomas Wally, violins
Elaine Koene, viola
Roland Schueler, cello
Alexandra Dienz, double bass

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