As witness for a friends marriage (and having a history in sharing various Karaoke nights), wy wife is starring in this Reverse Lip Dub Karaoke Video.
The idea was to tell the story of my wifes friendship to the bride, beginning with their first phone call, visiting all the places which were important for both and ending with the location of the wedding party. In the clip, everything is backwards, starting at the wedding party, and ending with the phone call. While walking forwards my wife sung (lip dubbed) all the lines backwards during shooting. In post production it was all edited the other way round.

Camera: Canon 5D MKII
Rig: Jag35
Post: FCP + Magic Bullet + CGM DVE Karaoke
Locations in Bremen: Schaulust Güterbahnhof, Energieleitzentrale Überseestadt, Lila Eule Steintor, Hankestr., Ehemaliges Radio Bremen Gelände, Schröders Büro

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