Another unfinished timelapse. The idea was not to upload it with just the music, but to add the voice of the blonde owner… (before selling pancakes and ice cream in her little kiosk in the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, "Coco" (that's her name) was a dancer at the famous "Moulin Rouge"… (I haven't done the interview yet).

And yes, I know, 2min41 seems slightly long for that kind of timelapse, but life is like that after all… And if you love the music half as much as I do, well, 2min41 is not that long, is it ?

I like the way the little kiosk opens in the silence of the early morning, when the garden is empty and still free of tourists…

It burnt completely in september 2013. I've put pictures on my blog :

The music is "As steals the Morn" by G-F. Haendel
Sung by Mark Padmore (tenor) and Lucy Crow (soprano).
Harmonia mundi records :

Luxembourg Gardens :

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