Interview of Jason Allcorn, creative director of [re]design, by Guillaume Delannoy for Sublime Magazine.

[re]design is a non-profit organization which holds innovative, engaging, accessible events for public, design trade and business audiences throughout the year. [re]design supports and promotes design that’s responsible and friendly to people and the environment.

Its aims :

* Inspire designers to make sustainability a core consideration, and an opportunity rather than a constraint.
* Entice and motivate consumers to make more sustainable choices, learning about the stories behind the products we invite into our homes and rethinking our domestic waste and energy use.
* Help manufacturers to discover new sustainable design and more sustainable materials, processes and systems.
* Show specifiers and purchasers that “good” choices can also be gorgeous.
* Enable retailers to seize the opportunities presented by the demand for sustainable products.
* Encourage government and the public sector to tap into the power of design to create positive environmental and social change.

(c) September 2011

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