Between trains at Zurich main station, Switzerland.

Zurich Main Station is the largest railway station in Zurich. Extremely central in situation, it accommodates trains from not only all over Switzerland, but other countries in Europe as well, such as Spain and the neighbouring countries France, Italy, Austria and Germany.

The ground floor has 20 tracks (Tracks 3 - 18 and 51 - 54). Tracks 3 - 18 are for trains coming from major areas in Switzerland as well as most, if not all, international trains, such as the EuroCity, Cisalpino, TGV and InterCityExpress. Tracks 51 - 54 are mostly used by regional trains.

- Ehlias the fruit guru (practices the Ehlert method) at 01:07
- the timelapser himself at 01:27

Handheld Sequences at 00:47, 00:59 and 01:29

Camera: Canon 50D, various manual and automatic modes (some flickering)

Music: Ctrlaltdelete

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