This is the teaser trailer for a short film we have been developing.
It follows the life of an orphaned insect, discovered as a dark and mysterious egg. Once hatched, the young grub ventures out into the city, an insect world reminiscent of a decaying and poverty stricken Dickensian London. The story unfolds as he naively morphs into insect society, revealing his place in the food chain.

So far we've just made one scene, via the powers of Partizan Lab, and we’re now looking for funding to make the full 9 minutes.

See the promo site here:

Many thanks to all those who made the development possible:

Producer: Henry Scholfield
Production Manager: Julie Crosbie
Character Models & Animation: Matt Ewbank, Josh Fourt-Wells
Set Build: Naweed Khan, Paul McGeoch
Lighting & Rendering: Lumiere Studios
Music: Erik Wedin (Soundset)

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