W+K Shanghai Presents “Where the Wind Comes From” by Chen Hangfeng


陈航峰 Chen Hangfeng in collaboration with W+K Shanghai
G/F W+K Shanghai, No. 1035 Changle Lu (Corner Wulumuqi Lu)
Sep 7 - Oct 10, 2011, from 6am-midnight daily

俗话说,无风不起浪,但是“哪来的风“?W+K上海与艺术家陈航峰合作,推出全新互动装置作品“哪来的风”。如果你路过长乐路我们办公室一楼,会看到一个很有江南感觉的竹子图案镶嵌装置,黑白极简颜色的搭配极具冲击力。在上海最繁华的闹市街头之一,为何会出现这样的装置?其实,当你走上前去, 它也会用独特的方式回应你。这就是“哪来的风“的秘密。
我们一直积极探索在中国急速发展的表象下人们的真实状态,展现传统中国文化中“慢“与尚未有定论的新价值“快”的冲突与矛盾。上海艺术家陈航峰的这幅“国画”其实并不是真的国画,如果你仔细看 ,会发现竹叶都是塑料袋做成的。究竟是“哪来的风”让我们存在的世界如此真实而又虚幻?请来探见。

W+K Shanghai is pleased to announce the newest installation in our ground-floor gallery space, “Where the Wind Comes From,” by artist Chen Hangfeng. Anyone passing by our office on Changle Lu can experience the work, which incorporates a kinetic wall sculpture and interactive fans into a refreshing temporary escape from the busy streets of the French Concession. Like many of the artist’s previous works, this installation explores the changing urban landscape of Shanghai, and the complex interaction between traditional Chinese design and contemporary culture. In this new project, the outer wall of our ground-floor space has been cut away to reveal a fan-shaped window (inspired by the classical gardens of Suzhou) which contains a delicate bamboo landscape rendered in ink painting. The leaves, however, are made from black plastic material (as in common rubbish bags), and pinned down like butterflies in a museum - they appear dead at first glance. A calligraphy text invites the public to “come closer”, and when viewers approach, an interactive motion-sensor activates a breeze inside and outside the window - bringing the still life to life, and a cool wind to the audience on the sidewalk. This “fake” traditional Chinese painting in fact revives the spirit of traditional gardens in the middle of a bustling street, and reflects on our own temporary presence as a “wind” stirring this changing city.

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