I'm Mortgage Guy Brian Trainum and Education has always been important to me. Especially when the misconceptions out there seem to be in more abundance than the actual information. Reverse Mortgages are a great example of this. My intent is that this video give you a quick introduction into how a Reverse Mortgage may help you with the Financial Plan you create for the seniors you serve. Giving the Seniors access to the equity in their home while lowering their monthly expenses and retaining the home is going to be a wonderful option for some people. My goal is to find those that this program would benefit, offer them all the correct information on the program, and if they choose to move forward, to guide them through the mortgage process. I welcome a call (704-661-6251) or email (brian.trainum@newamerican.com) so we can continue this conversation in person.
Brian Trainum
NMLS 258569
New American Mortgage

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