The Sacred War Against the Fizzy Yellow Stuff

For a long time San Diego was known as a “Coors Lite town”. Home and pro brewers in San Diego County have changed this by brewing a plethora of different beer styles. They have also helped revive dying beer styles such as the IPA and Porter and created a new style, the Imperial or Double IPA. Local brewers both home and pro have helped each other to build an industry with a camaraderie and spirit that at times certainly reflects the attitude and behavior of the old Soviet collectives.

So with tongues firmly planted in our hoppy beer filled cheeks, we decided to make this short video of both home and pro brewers working hard for the cause - to brew anything but “the fizzy yellow stuff” (a term coined by Greg Koch, one of the founders of the Stone Brewing Company). The visuals are cut to a Russian patriotic song from the Second World War.

The song is Svyashchennaya Voyna (Sacred War), written in 1941 by Vasily Lebedev-Kumach. Music composed by Aleksandr Aleksandrov. Performed by the (former) Red Army Choir.

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