Gruen Planet is the latest show from Zapruder’s Other Films taking on a broader range of topics including image control, spin, branding and advertising.

The title sequence takes place on a media planet where everything is for sale — from celebrities and products to refugees and politicians. The sequence begins with Wil Anderson walking through an empty planet that builds into a busy mediascape of messages, billboards and buildings rolling sculpturally past the camera.

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The titles were filmed in Hackett Films studio over 3 days using a 1.2 m foam ball rig, paper construction buildings and cars and a cut out animated Wil Anderson. Scale was a challenge as it was very important that the messages were read as they moved through frame, as was the physical challenges of attaching all the props to a spinning ball.

AWARD: Congrats to DOP Dan Freene ACS who won an Australian Cinematography Awards NSW Silver Award for the Gruen Planet Title Sequence.

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