Plot: A young boy who lost his only pet chicken works his way around a rural countryside neighbourhood in search for clues only to find that his chicken has been kidnapped to be in a cockfight.

This short fiction celebrates the nature and the beautiful landscapes of rural countryside in Thailand, but it is also my attempt to raise awareness for the illegal cockfights that go on in the country. Although some locals may argue that cockfights are a part of their culture and their way of living, I believe that it is animal cruelty and it is extremely harmful to the chickens involved.

The focal point of the story is the relationship mankind has with animals, the boy and his pet chicken. I want to portray how people have connected and live alongside the wonderful creations the world has provided. However, it is important to know that we still have to protect and conserve what we love. I hope this video will help celebrate the nature and life that the world has offered us.

Director: Thanadul Lam
AD: Mae Thiwari Werayasobprasong
Production Manager: Daruwan Lam
Sound Recordist: Pitchaya Waiyachote
Composer: Janine Forrester

[The reason behind the name of the film is because Kook in Thai means 'cluck', but it is widely used as a name for chickens]

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