An exploration of the probable architectural settings of a contemporary fairy-tale through the medium of film. Fairy tales create an imaginary world where universal human moral conflicts are presented metaphorically and satisfactorily resolved. They offer a hope of happiness through a fantasy world, which is the same thing that Eden and other mythical paradises try to do.
The environment in a fairy tale is also important. It is used to metaphorically represent ideas, psychological conditions or states of being.
Consider a fairytale. Or three. What if the events in them took place in our world? Where? There are no enchanted woods or fairytale castles anymore. Or magic. What if we substitute words and places? What do we believe in? Are there forbidden places associated with that belief? Do we know what goes on inside top-secret facilities? What if there was a lost town inside? Call it Atlantis.

Story, script, direction, post-production: Ajeetha
Camera: Ajeetha/ Chrysi

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