ANGEL THE INQUISIDOR: THE LAST CHANCE is a film by J. A. Cerrillo, co-writer and director of Not Just an Object (2009) and A Mechanical Heart (2010), starring María Fernanda García Allende and Raúl Rodríguez Santa Cruz.

Angel The Inquisitor: The Last Chance is a 15-minute Mexican/British production. It was shot in Guanajuato, Mexico the summer of 2010. Its release, scheduled for the 2011, is awaited with great interest because it takes a Mexican icon, the “Lucha Libre” wrestler, and demands him to put up with a family life at the same time he fights
against crime. Angel redefines the male role.

J. A. Cerrillo is a Mexican director that studies filmmaking at The London Film School. For this short film his main character is Victoria, and through her eyes we will get a gaze at how the male stereotype breaks and finds in Angel a new definition of what it means to be a man today.

Victoria constantly asks Angel, “Do you love me?”, and she always gets silence as an answer. They have to find a way to keep the romance alive in their marriage, despite
the few time they spend together and all the conflicts that keep them apart.

Angel, a man of few words, has to be multitask: a father, a husband, a lover and a hero too. His goals: to seek justice and loyalty. He is creative, sensitive and a loving husband.

This short film makes us think about the importance of keeping the passion alive in a marriage, regardless of the multiple responsibilities and social roles spouses have.
Finding time to be a couple can be the magical formula to stay together forever.

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