Looking for Alaska:

Section: Beginning - the start of After

〽All I can ever be to you is the darkness that we knew-
Alaska is gone, for good. All Pudge has is the feelings and memories he shared with her.

〽I know I hadn't met my match but every moment we could snatch I don't know why I got so attached-
Alaska was in love with Jake(or so she thought) when in reality, she fancied Pudge but didn't feel right about it through all the time spent together. She didn't mean to get attached.

〽It's my responsibility and you don't owe nothing to me but to walk away I have no capacity-
Alaska knew that only she was the reason for half of the events that happened, and on top of the she denied everything.

〽I wish I could say no regrets and no emotional debts-
Even if Alaska could come back she wouldn't be able to apologize for emotions and regrets, because it made the characters who they are and without her and the events that happened, they wouldn't be who they are.

〽Even if I stop wanting you and perspective pushes through, I'll be some next man's other woman soon-
Even if she gave up her feelings with Jake, all the things people saw in her would come out and she would end up being with someone else.

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