Another clip from my coffee fueled craze through Yellowstone National Park.

Old Faithful is a little known geyser in Wyoming. Discovered in 1976 by Nathaniel Langford, it was later named Old Faithful by Henry Washburn as an homage to his lucky dice after having won the water feature in a game of chance. Back then it doubled as a laundry service for the military, but this practice was discontinued after the army deemed it too efficient/productive.

Eruptions are predictable every 90 minutes to within a 10 minute radius year round, except on national holidays when the park shuts down operation to conserve water. The geyser can shoot up to 8400 gallons of water to heights reaching 185 feet. No one knows how many litres or meters it produces and it remains a mystery to this day. The predictable nature of the thermal activity stems from scientists psycho-analysing Old Faithful and concluding it to have Obsessive Compulsive disorder.

Though not the largest or sexiest geyser in the park -that title belongs to Steamboat Geyser- Old Faithful makes up for it with its consistently predictable eruptions & charming personality.

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