Sofy Major - Stoom Stoom Stoom

From the album "Permission to Engage" (2010)

a Riot House Production

Director & Cameraman Jean Charles Belmont

Assistants Cameramen Adrien Bessac, Damien Bour, Sébastien Pitoiset

Editor Adrien Bessac

Assistant Editor Damien Bour & Sébastien Pitoiset

Costume by Aurélia Ribeiro, Damien Bour, Sébastien Pitoiset

Cast :

Sébastien Pitoiset as the Stoom

Solal Pinet as the mini-Stoom

Sofy Major as themselves

Picture Organic Clothing
Olivier Culpo
Olivier Pinet
Léonard Cohade
Raymond's Bar
SeventyOne Percent
Gérald Jay

Shot with: Canon 5D & Canon 7D
Lenses: 85mm, 70-200 mm, 24-70 mm, 10-22 mm & 16-35 mm
Edited: FCP

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