This is a revised version of my first Terra Nova cut. After using Radiohead for my shoot cut, we embarked on composing an original score to support the shoot footage in a long-form trailer. I co-wrote and produced a new song and presented the piece to Michelle Branch, who then came aboard to record the song in the studio. I was able to capture video of her studio performance with my camera, and then mix the video footage with the scenes I had shot of the cast while down in Australia. Michelle brought her incredible passion and talents to the score...With some new dinosaur footage and Michelle's amazing performance, the Terra Nova shoot piece brought a whole new feeling to the show.

Artist: Michelle Branch
Director/Producer: Matt Fife
Camera (for Michelle Branch): Matt Fife
Editor: Rob Franklin
Sound Mix: Chuck Hogan

"Another Sun"- written by Matt Fife and Fred Kron
Produced by Mamie Coleman, Matt Fife, Fred Kron, Steve Celi

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