Another brief demonstration of Merlin + 5d Mark II. Got tons of footage from this trip but haven't got any time to edit them. The 16-35mm lens gives a good idea about how the wide angle works with HD video.

For those who are interested in the details :

I don't use a vertical grip so basically what was on the rig is 'camera body + lens + filter + hood + quick release adaptor'. I had to use 1 start + 1middle weights for the middle arm hinge and 1 start + 3 middle + 1end weghts for the lower arm. I didn't weigh the entire thing but I'm just a regular guy with an average bicep and I didn't feel tired at all after carrying this for 3 hours. (Approx. 1 and half hours of shooting)

I was hesitant a lot before I bought it becaue of the ridiculous price tag, but I'm satisfied with my purchase. I went to lake tahoe about a month ago and had a lot of problems shooting videos handheld. It was too shaky and when I played it back on my 60" TV, I almost threw up. When I got back from this trip, however, I didn't feel any of that. All of the clips looked really great and I'm very satisfied with the improvement.

The merlin can hold up to 5lbs and that's enough for a 5d II with one of those heavy zoom lenses. As a matter fact, if your camera + rig is too light it will cause more shaking, so I think the merlin really fits well the weight range of '5d + wide angle zoom lens'.

I hadn't got that much of traning with this, but it's easier to use than what most of people think it would be. If you play with it for one day, you wil be able to reproduce what you see in my vdieo, but some of the fancier moves will require a lot more of practice. (refer to the instruction manual).

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