After a long hiatus, finally, here I am :)

Reason for hiding: I've been working on a little short film - my first one, so I am both nervous of your reception, and proud of having completed it. I made this one specifically for the 2009 Australian Tropfest film festival but it didn't make it to the finals so here I am, just sharing it with you for the love of low-budget (AU$70) filmmaking :)

But it wasn't all for loss. Blood Brothers will be aired in Plan9 Science Fiction film festival in Hungary in May 2009. Enjoy!

Special thanks to my husband Glenn Thomas (Director of Photography), my brother Ivan Kurnia (Music Composer), my friends: Robert Eror and Diego Piatta (the Actors), all the FWO friends who helped review the script, and all the wonderful friends and family whose words of encouragement and support helped make this movie possible.

I present to you - BLOOD BROTHERS.

"In the future, the government's Special Intelligence Unit experiments on a drug that enables humans to penetrate the souls of the dying. Only those with the strongest minds can sustain the brain modification, and they become Mind Archivists.

By rendering a state of dying, Mind Archivists cross to the Afterlife and access a window of time between life and death. This is where they gather truth of the human psyche and archive it to the Mind database.

For years, Mind Archivists have served the government and helped the forensics prevent crimes ... until the Jones brothers, the first generation of Mind Archivists, discover that playing with death isn't without consequences."

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