5 Artists • 5 Workshops!
Available from surfacedesign.org

The 2011 'Teach + Learn' DVD from the SURFACE DESIGN ASSOCIATION brings together talented artists teaching workshops on a variety of surface design subjects:


Color Joomchi • Jiyoung Chung
Textured handmade paper workshop featuring traditional Korean Joomchi methods. 62 minutes.

Acrylics for Textiles • Wendy Huhn
Preserve the soft hand of fabric while working with a rainbow of acrylic colors in this workshop for textile and fabric artists. 48 minutes.

Kimuhimo with Wire • Giovanna Imperia
Easy and fun wire braiding workshop utilizing Japanese Kumihimo craft without any special equipment. 47 minutes.


Basic Bojagi Making • Chunghie Lee
2 and 3-Dimensional design components workshop featuring traditional Korean ceremonial Bojagi patchwork and Nobang fabric. 54 minutes.

Felted Wool Transformations • Sharron Parker
Brightly colored felted wool transformations workshop demonstrated in four stages. 56 Minutes.

All of the proceeds from the sale of this DVD benefit the teaching, education, and activities of the Surface Design Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising the level of excellence in surface design since 1977.

Filmed at the Textile Center • Minneapolis, MN USA. All Regions.
English Language • English Subtitles

Filmed and Edited by Andrew Galli
Studio Galli Productions • San Francisco, USA

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