Shot 01 00:05 “Milwaukee Brewers Opening”
Responsible for:
Ball Trial, Ground Explosion with Burn, R&D on Barley Field
Software Used: 3ds Max, FumeFX, Particle Flow, After Effects, and Mental Ray

Shot 02 00:09 “Milwaukee Brewers Ground Break”
Responsible for: Dust Explosion, Ground Break, Lighting on Ground, Ground Burn, Modeling of Beams
Software Used: Maya, 3ds Max, FumeFX, RayFire, Particle Flow, After Effects, Mental Ray

Shot 03/04 00:14 "Cowboys Who Really Like Whiskey"
Responsible for: All
Software Used:3ds Max, FumeFX, Particle Flow, RayFire, After Effects,Photoshop, Vray

Shot 05 00:23 "Zombie Gum"
Responsible For: All
Software Used: Maya, Zbrush, After Effects, Photoshop, Mental Ray

Shot 06 00:32 "Monster Quest Killer Jellyfish"
Responsible For: Ncloth setup used for Jellyfish animation, Cycle Animation of Swimmer
Software Used: Maya

Shot 07 00:37 “Monster Quest Gators in the Sewers”
Responisble for: Alligator Model, Water Simulation
Software used: Maya, Zbrush, Realflow

Shot 08 00:41 "Splash”
Responsible for: Water Simulation
Software Used: Realflow, 3ds Max

Shot 09 00:43 "Bees"
Responsible for: All
Software Used: 3ds Max, FumeFX, Pflow, Zbrush, After Effects, Photoshop, Vray

Shot 10 00:47 "Jam Party Intro"
Responsible for: Ceiling Break, Ceiling Dust, Texturing Background Instruments, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing
Software Used: 3ds Max, Havoc 1, Particle Flow, After Effects, Photoshop, Vray

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