This was an animation I did a while back with Poser Pro 7. Originally it was created in Blender, but Monty Oum did me a solid and helped me convert everyting (models, rigs, replace animations, etc) to Poser. By the time I got this far on the project he convinced me to do something else with it. So I'm currently working on something way cooler. Which is why I consider this one a "Test".

Music: Shane Newville
Animation: Shane Newville & Monty Oum
Sound FX: Pepper

Software: Blender (modeling), PoserPro7 (animation), OptiTrack system for mocap, FL Studio for Music, Premiere for all the rest

Here's the story:

I had plans to contunue
Fight Test Animation
and actually make a story.

Then my hot wife sent me to
Rooster Teeth for my BDay
November 2010.

I spent a weekend
working with Monty Oum.
He took me through
the process in person, from
recording MoCap data while
wearing skin tight ball suits,
to editing sequences together
in Poser Pro.

As if that wasn't awesome enough,
he took my Blender project,
convert all the characters
and animation into Poser
files using the same workflow... 1 weekend!!

Incredible how fast he is.
Pretty much kick started me
into a new direction with my work.

Since then he convinced
me to turn this project
into something even better.
So I'm on my 3 remake!
(you just watched v. 2)
Talk about practice.
Good thing I love
this kind of work.

So there's my lame excuse
for not finishing anything
since Little Ninja Project.

I can't wait to show
you what's cookin'.

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