Looking for Alaska:
The Beginning
☁By the time I'm out the door you tear men down like Roger Moore-
Everyone wanted to have Alaska for themselves but only one (technically two) person was able to have her.

☁I cheated myself like I knew I would-
Alaska always has a plan; good or bad and she always know how she will respond.

☁I told you I was trouble, you know that I'm no good-
Alaska makes sure to tell the people the dangers and pressure they will be put under with her.

☁You say were we married because you're not bitter-
The reactions from Alaska can give off the wrong impression but Pudge always knows how to interpret them.

☁They'll be none of him no more, I cried for you on the kitchen floor-
When Alaska did something she knew she shouldn't of done, she feels the remorse and is upset that most people would feel.

☁Who truly stuck the knife in first-
Whenever someone was with Alaska no one would blame her leaving a path of confusion.

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